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Join us as we CELEBRATE 🎉 INDEPENDENCE DAY in style. 4 programs across 3 days, starting with the night vigil on the 28th from 10pm - 3am, African Praise on the 30th from 10am - 1pm, and Freedom Walk For Nigeria from 6am - 8am and One Accord from 2pm - 6pm on the 1st of October. ...

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Independence day is almost🎉🎉🎊🎊. Join us for our special 3 days program. ...

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Join Us Live!!!!!
RCCG Resurrection Parish Region 11 HQ
Sunday (1st Service) 2nd Sept. 2018 Live

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Happy New Month, Thank God for another month.
Our Fasting & Prayer.
Start Today Saturday and Ends Monday September, 1st,2nd,3rd,09/2018.
Prayer point:

1) Father please forgive me for every way I have fallen short of Your glory particularly in the area of evangelism and let Your mercy triumph over judgement in Jesus Name (Psalm 51 v1-2)

2) Father thank You for all Your past mercies, kindness, goodness and love to me, my family and to Your Church that gathers in Resurrection Parish in Jesus Name

3) Father cause me to grow in every area of my walk with You and make my path shine more and more in Jesus Name (Prov 4v 18)

4) Father because the end time harvest of souls is plenteous, please make me one of the labourers to be used to reap this harvest and give me all that I need to be fruitful in Jesus Name (Matt 9v37-38)

5) Father open my eyes of understanding to see the vision You have for Resurrection Parish of an ever growing church and give me this same vision in Jesus Name (Micah 4 v 1-2)

6) Father baptize me with the fire of evangelism and empower me to constantly witness for You in Jesus Name Amen

7) Father as I do personal evangelism, order my footsteps to those who are ripe for salvation and use me to win these souls for Your Kingdom in Jesus Name.

8) We take authority over the territorial and environmental spirits operating in Lekki axis and our neighborhoods which are hindering persons from responding to God’s call for salvation and paralyze their activities in Jesus Name

9) Every strongman hindering those God has ordained for salvation in Lekki axis from giving their lives to Jesus, I bind and cast you out of their lives in Jesus Name (Matt 12 v 29)

10) We call upon the Wind of the Holy Spirit to blow everyone God has ordained for salvation in Lekki axis to Resurrection Parish, convict them of sin and for God to save their souls in Jesus Name

11) Father cause Your Reaper Angels to bring the unsaved You have ordained for salvation to Resurrection Parish and let their souls be harvested for Your kingdom in Jesus Name (Matt 13 v 39)

12) Father for everyone who will be saved in Resurrection Parish, use us to nourish them with the sincere milk of Your Word and cause them to be grounded and established in the faith of Jesus in Jesus Name (1 Peter 2 v 2)

13) As we experience growth as individuals and as a Parish, cause us to fulfill Your purpose and let Your will be enthroned in Lekki axis in Jesus Name

14) Father because am a member of the Blessed Family, let every blessing due me manifest in my life and release Your greatness and favor upon my life in Jesus Name (Psalm 102 v 13)

15) Father cause us to reign in comprehensive dominion and let all our enemies become our servants in Jesus Name Amen

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Join Us Live @ RCCG Resurrection Parish Region 11 HQ Sunday (1st Service) 26th Aug. 2018 Live ...

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